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Work continues on our Erasmus+ project. Partners met on Saturday (January 16) to review the current research phase. Interviews are currently being done with companies and recruitment agencies to identify best practices on dyslexia and the workplace. Interviews are being done by partners in Italy, France, Ireland, Malta and England. The interviews will conclude in the coming weeks and then analysis begins. The best practices identified will inform the development of the next phase of the project which is the development of Guidelines to support successful inclusion of dyslexia in workplaces across Europe.

The Dyslexia@Work Erasmus+ project has 7 project partners from across Europe. Learn more about each of the partners on our Project Partners page.

Partners are working together to research and develop guidelines on successful inclusion of dyslexia at work. Interviews with employers and recruiters across Europe are currently nearing completion.

The report of our Phase One Comparative Analysis will be published in the coming days.

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