Università dell’Insubria

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Università degli Studi dell’Insubria was founded on the 14th of July 1998. It is a public, modern and dynamic university located in Como and Varese (Italy). We are a laic and pluralist University free of ideological, political and economical conditioning. We sustain scientific research freedom, we engage in the development of critical thinking and we believe in culture as having an essential role for the society’s progress. We recognize the value of diversity and we offer the same opportunities to everybody without discrimination caused by race, gender, opinion, language or religion. We consider students’ success our main goal; we help them in gaining high level knowledge, skills and competences and in entering the job market. We rely on the excellence of our teachers and of our staff to offer to our students high quality education and facilities, to obtain brilliant results in research both on the national and international stage. We promote the development of high level collaborations and the interdisciplinarity of research projects. We reward our students for their commitment and for their capability in building the future. We promote the permanent education of our staff in order to constantly improve the quality of our University. Our vision is developing knowledge, skills and attitudes today for the job of tomorrow. Our mission is high quality education and high quality facilities in a student-friendly environment, combined with high level research performed by international groups to develop innovative technology and solution. Our Goals are: high quality education to develop key competences for entering the national and international job market; top level research in national and international groups and in inter-disciplinary fields; third mission activities to facilitate our engagement with society, industry, schools.

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