Associazione Italiana Dislessia (AID)


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Italian Dyslexia Association (AID) is a non-profit organization dealing with Learning Disabilities. AID was founded in 1996 in Bologna.

AID currently is the main association in Italy on dyslexia and other learning disabilities, with more than 80 local branches all over the country, managed by volunteers, and a total of 18.000 members (parents of dyslexic children, adults with learning disabilities, psychologists, teachers).


The main goals of the Association are:

  • making teachers, healthcare professionals and public opinion aware of learning disabilities, and their difficulties;
  • promoting research and training on learning disabilities in the main areas of intervention:  diagnosis, rehabilitation, teaching;
  • providing members information and support, to help them identify the problem and define the most suitable rehabilitative approach and learning strategies.
  • fighting for the rights of people with learning disabilities, in order to guarantee equal opportunities at school and in workplaces, also through legislative proposals


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